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A quote by Kublia Khan, “But which is the stone that supports the bridge?” The quick and obvious answer is the foundation stone. Perhaps the true answer is not quite so obvious. The support of the bridge of the human condition is our history. History serves as the bridge that transcends time. The wonder of the new age of personal communication provides avenues for the recording of history and of knowledge from sources that reach across the universe! I’ve instituted my own blog to allow me to join in on this new adventure. My blog is divided by content primarily in three categories. The first category has to do with an area of residential and foundation construction where I hope to contribute to the ongoing discussion on quality construction methodology, particularly in the home building field. The second category is a subject that has been dear to my heart for as long as I remember; and that is all aspects of avaition. I shall discuss aviation activities of interest to me as well as my dabbling of aviation related poetry, that I call “Puddle Jump Poetry”. Finally, I take the liberty to discuss any topic that may come to mind that is of interest to me. This may include comments on current events and society, philosophy, religion, and what ever comes to mind.


Excavations and Trench Safety

For the most part, residential construction doesn’t get involved in situations where open trenches and excavations are greater than five feet in depth. However, situations concerning deeper excavations and trenches come into play whenever high retaining walls or formed basement

The Residential Foundation Design Methodology

The residential foundation design configurations provided by Tables 401.2(a) and 401.2(b) of the Panhandle Residential Foundation Manual are based primarily on the guidelines offered by the Welded Reinforced Wire Institute’s Concrete Foundation Design Method. This methodology considers the expansive qualities

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The Websoil Survey: Uses and Limitations

The Websoil Survey website is essentially the digital version of the USDA Soil Survey that had been initiated many years ago. The Survey had publications for individual counties. The soils information data has been available for some time, but the

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Initial Conditions: Home Building Site Preparation

The title of this blog directs to residential building structures. However the principles presented can apply to just about any type of construction that may be placed on the ground. Specific reference is directed to both pages 4 and 5,

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2017 Panhandle Residential Foundation Manual

Back in 2012, I helped the Building Safety Department of the City of Amarillo prepare the “Panhandle Residential Foundation Manual”. The purpose of this manual was to provide a guideline for home builders to construct residential foundation systems that were

Separation is the Illusion

Studies in the physics of quantum mechanics have evolved into concepts known as a “conscious universe”.  Dr. Amit Goswami is a renoun author and quantum physicist.  He contends that all reality is grounded by a “universal consciousness”. In quantum physics,

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